Ischia (Na) – Capodanno 2025 a Ischia: un posto speciale per salutare l’anno che viene

Dormiremo in un piccolo albergo a gestione familiare, in un ambiente tranquillo con cammini giornalieri - capodanno a ischia

Discovering the fantastic green island in the days surrounding New Year’s Eve 2024/2025. We will sleep in a small family-run hotel, in a quiet environment with daily walks that will introduce us to this land along unexpected paths, invisible craters and characteristic panoramas.

La sera del 31 dicembre, dopo cena, assisteremo allo spettacolo nella piazza del paese, ma senza fare l’alba perché il primo gennaio saremo di nuovo in cammino! - capodanno a ischia

On the evening of December 31, 2024, after dinner, we will watch the show in the town square, but without dawn because on January 1st we will be on the road again!

The journey will be dedicated to sharing: to Ischia we will also bring one of our favorite books from which we will read to our companions a passage that can help us fully enjoy our harmony and the atmosphere of the green island.

a Ischia porteremo anche uno dei nostri libri preferiti da cui leggeremo ai nostri compagni

You walk on simple itineraries (tracks, tracks, mule tracks, clear paths, which have compact and constant surfaces), with distances (average 8-10 km per day), differences in height (average 200 m per day) and slopes (average <5% per day) low, for a modest amount of time (average 4 hours per day)

We will be based in Ischia Porto to discover the island that fascinated writers and personalities from the arts and the world of entertainment.
From Fontana we will reach Monte Epomeo, the highest on the island, then Serrara and the very long Maronti beach. From Campagnano we will go up to Pignatiello to go back down to Ischia Porto and finally from Ischia Ponte to the Aragonese castle.

Sapori caratteristici: minestra ammaritata, parmigiana di melanzane, pinzocheri fritti con vino cotto - ischia

– How much: 5 days / 4 nights
– Hours of walking per day: 4 – 5 hours per day
– Type of trip: star walk (sedentary with day backpack)
– Eating: packed lunches, dinners in pizzerias, restaurants, farmhouses
– Characteristic flavors: ammaritata soup, aubergine parmigiana, fried pinzocheri with cooked wine
– Sleeping: small hotel in triple/quadruple rooms with bathroom. It may happen that you share a double bed.

Ischia: Il gigante Tifeo, le ninfe Nitrodi, “Afrodite dalla bella corona”

the green tuff of Monte Epomeo
Francesco’s song at Pignatiello
the fumaroles at the Oglio crater

Necessary: ​​ankle-high trekking boots, comfortable clothing for walking, ergonomic backpack for the day

Ischia: dagli smeraldi della baia di Sant’Angelo, al grigio dei crateri, al bruno del Castello Aragonese.

The giant Typhoeus, the nymphs Nitrodi, “Aphrodite with the beautiful crown”
An arcane land, with a fiery and quivering soul, sparkling with colors and myths, ancient Pithekussai flatters the walker with its promise to lay bare, to reveal itself in all its variety of landscapes and colours: from the emeralds of the bay of Sant’Angelo, the gray of the craters, the brown of the Aragonese Castle.

And we will make our own the words that Norman Douglas dedicated to Ischia:
Anyone who gives importance to time has no hope of capturing the genius loci.

Isola d’Ischia
29 dicembre 2024 / 2 gennaio 2025

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